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Troy Boucher

Troy Boucher is the Lab Coordinator of the ADDL and one of Dr. Iarocci's Honour's students. Troy has served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the 2017 SFU Social Science Camp and as the Head Supervisor for the 2018 SFU Social Science Camp. Troy began as a work-study student with Dr. Iarocci in 2016 and continues to be actively involved in the implementation of various research studies, data entry and analysis, and the organization of various camps and events hosted by the ADDL.

Troy has volunteered with the Edmonton Public School District and Edmonton Catholic School District as a music instructor, musician, and tutor. He has also volunteered with several youth lacrosse organizations, and was a goaltender for the SFU Men's Lacrosse Team. Troy has also been involved with the Looking Glass Foundation,  and maintains a commitment to serving youth and adolescents in need through other volunteer positions in the Lower Mainland. Currently, Troy serves as the Study Hall Coordinator for the SFU Men's Lacrosse Team. 

Troy's research interests include visual attention and perceptual learning in children diagnosed with ASD, comorbid anxiety and depression, social knowledge and competence, and programs and interventions for youth and adolescents with ADHD, ASD, and anxiety.