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Registration Closed - FREE SFU Camp for Children and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Thank you to everyone who attended and expressed interest in these camps! It was a resounding success, and campers had a wonderful experience!

To learn more about Special Olympics BC, please visit their website:

Click here to view a PDF flyer for the camp!

The Autism and Developmental Disorders Lab (ADDL) at SFU and Special Olympics BC (SOBC) have partnered to provide a FREE camp for children and adults with intellectual disabilities at SFU. All campers will receive a free SOBC t-shirt!

Date and Registration Forms:


  • Simon Fraser University, Burnaby Campus



About the Camp:

The camp for Children and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities is a fun and educational camp that offers an inclusive environment to engage safely in learning and physical activities. Campers will be supervised by trained SFU faculty, students, and community professionals.

Parking and transit costs up to $6 will be reimbursed by camp staff. Campers will receive a free Special Olympics BC Shirt! Healthy snacks will be served to campers and caregivers, but please be sure to pack a lunch for your child.

A portion of this camp involves you and your child participating in a research study. The research study requires minimal participation; the majority of the day is devoted to fun crafts, sports, and learning activities. Children will be asked whether or not they want to participate in any and all tasks and can stop at any time with no repercussions. During the study, your child will be asked to play a word and puzzle game, and participate in a 1-on-1 conversation about their favourite sports and hobbies.

Caregivers will be asked to complete two questionnaires about their child and complete the required consent forms prior to their child's participation. Please note that for ethical reasons, we cannot provide individual results. All data collected is kept confidential and is for research purposes only. This study is approved by the SFU Office of Research Ethics, study number [2019s0458]. Funding for the camp is provided by Special Olympics BC and Special Olympics International. 

Contact Us:

Troy Boucher, Lab Manager
Phone: (778) 782-6746