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7th Annual SFU Social Science Camp

Thank you for another spectacular SFU Social Science Camp!

The SFU Social Science Camp is a FREE , fun, and educational camp for children aged 7-12 with or without Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). These camps take place in July at the SFU campus in Burnaby. Camp volunteers are composed of SFU faculty, students, and community professionals. All campers receive a cool SFU Social Science Camp T-shirt!

Additionally, we provide FREE educational workshops for caregivers during the camp!

To view the video of our 2012 camp for children with ASD click here.
To view the video of our 2012 camp for children without ASD click here.

To view a story on the camp by SFU News, click here.

Here are some comments from parents: "Kudos and many thanks for your efforts!"; "Thank you for this worthwhile camp, my son enjoyed it immensely and would like to come again! Good luck with your research"; “the kids had a fantastic time!”; "Great work! My son really enjoyed the camp and asked me to sign him up next year”


2018 SFU Social Science Camp

Our 7th annual SFU Social Science Camp occurred on July 14th and July 21st 2018.  The camp offers a mix of social games and an opportunity to participate in research using fun activities. This year’s theme was "Emoji's: Expressing Emotions" and all children received SFU Social Science Camp T-shirt and made an exciting assortment of crafts!

Details for registrants:

1. The camp for children without ASD will take place on Saturday, July 14, 2018 from 9am- 3pm.  The camp for children with ASD will take place on Saturday, July 21, 2018 from 9am- 3pm.

2. Part of the camp involves your child participating in a research study. The research study requires minimal participation; the majority of the day is devoted to fun crafts and interactive game activities. During the study, your child will be asked to play a series of fun computer games, word games, puzzles, etc.  Your child will be given the option to participate and he or she can chose to withdraw from the study at any time. Parents will receive a summary of the results once the study is finished so you can benefit from the information we have learned. Parents/ caregivers will be required to submit the required consent forms and questionnaires before the camp starts.  Please note that for ethical reasons, we can only provide group results (children without ASD and children with ASD) and not individual test scores.  All data collected is kept confidential and is for research purposes only.

Free Workshops

While children attended camp on July 21st, caregivers had the opportunity to participate in a free workshop in the morning, and a parent networking event in the afternoon. 

Information for the July 21st morning workshop: 

Our topic for this year's morning workshop included identifying mental health and obesity related risk factors in ASD. Parent workshops were provided by support from BC Children's Hospital. The morning workshop was moderated by Dr. Sarah Hutchison, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Pediatrics at UBC. This workshop took place on July 21st from 10am to 12pm. 

This year's panelists included:

Dr. Grace Iarocci, Professor of Psychology and Director of the ADDL, SFU
Dr. Tim Oberlander, Professor of Department of Pediatrics, UBC
Dr. Louise Mâsse, Professor of School of Population and Public Health, UBC


Information for the July 21st afternoon networking event:

The Autism and Developmental Disorders Lab (ADDL) provided parents and professionals the opportunity to network with one another following the morning workshop on July 21, 2018. This networking event was hosted by Dr. Grace Iarocci, Director of the ADDL. The Parent Networking event took place on July 21st from 1pm to 3pm.